Do you remember back in the 1990’s when replica cars started becoming a thing? They promised – and still do I might add – an outwardly appearance that could dupe even the snobbiest of car connoisseur.

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But their innards mostly couldn’t match their exterior gusto: the iconic Ferrari sound somehow mysteriously missing, the fiberglass body on that Cobra just not quite right.Real cars vs. replica cars are a good analogy for the true cloud vs. fake cloud debate. Replicas, or in this case a mash of old products and new technology, can be enticing but they will always leave you disappointed in the end. Why? Because it’s like asking your child to mow the lawn. You understand when it doesn’t work the first time, but ultimately get frustrated by the end of the week when they still haven’t completed what you asked.

Enough with analogies. Let’s get to the good stuff. What is the fake cloud? The fake cloud is when your software is usually decades old, built before there was a cloud, and never intended to operate in it. These systems are usually “hosted” instances of on-premise software, enabling remote access. While the fake cloud is handy, it can become cumbersome once you spur growth. Fake cloud products still require seat-based licenses, additional hosting fees, and more as you add users.

The fake cloud’s worst enemy?

Total cost of ownership. Period. With hosted on-premise solutions, you get the mobility … at a price. There are far more ongoing costs associated with fake cloud solutions: hardware costs, hosting fees, support fees for hosting, seat licenses, managing apps that access the hosted solution. Not to mention the difficulty or impossibility of integrating enhancing solutions. Bottom line is: more up front cost and more overhead all the way through.

Acumatica Construction Cloud is natively built for the cloud.

That means it was designed for the cloud, to be used in the cloud from day one. That is, the True Cloud. No plugins or widgets necessary – although there are some awesome integrations – with no user-based licensing fees. You see where I’m going? It simplifies your business in all the good ways. Here’s a list of all the things you don’t have to do when you move to Acumatica Construction Cloud:

  • Perform updates
  • Check hardware configurations
  • Check software configurations
  • Ensure software is compatible with the current OS
  • Ensure current OS is compatible with software
  • Worry that your data is backed up
  • Train new hires for 100s of hours
  • Make sure your team is doing all of the above items
  • Be forced to use siloed equipment
  • Pay for additional seat licenses

The most critical asset that the true cloud gives your company?

Data protection. One of the biggest myths that encircles the cloud is that your data is left vulnerable. Not so. In fact, having data on-premise is essentially a calling card for hackers and employee-theft. With the cloud, you get the most up-to-date security and data protection at no added cost. This means you don’t have to hire out security analysts, IT consultants, and perform time-intensive audits when you suspect data theft.And I could go on … but I’ll let this one rest. Whether you’re a general contractor or HVAC specialist, Acumatica has the tools to keep your business forward-thinking and moving in real time without any ties to the Fake Cloud.

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