Born in the cloud ERP software that’s designed specifically for construction is your key to growth in a highly competitive industry.

ERP software is vital to the success of any firm. Accordingly, it’s important to make the software a core part of your management strategy.

No matter your business size, audience, or industry, an ERP resource is essential for success. However, a cloud-based ERP solution is especially beneficial in the construction industry.

Construction companies must have a full overview of their finances. They must also align the work of human resources, administration, field operations, and many other assets. A true cloud construction solution can help you to do just that while keeping all facets of your business connected.

To learn why a true cloud construction ERP software is vital for business growth, keep reading.

What Is “Born in the Cloud” ERP?   

An enterprise resource planning system is a database of information. It helps you manage all of your business processes, from human resources to customer relationship management. 

However, it’s more than a database. An ERP system allows you to automate your workflow.

It also allows you to integrate all your business processes. By doing so, it reduces a significant amount of manual labor and less human error from multiple data entries.

Overall, ERP software is an integrated suite of applications. It will help you to automate, connect, and manage all your critical business processes.

A born in the cloud ERP offering is made specifically for the cloud. It’s an agile and flexible program that works efficiently across a range of devices, including mobile capability, meaning you can quickly pull up any information you need as long as you have an internet connection. Furthermore, cloud computing uses advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to help you make the most out of your data. 

It allows you to sidestep all the drawbacks of deploying an on-site solution. With a born in the cloud ERP solution, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and cybersecurity issues.

Your vendor will handle these important tasks for you. At the same time, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a robust ERP offering.

Benefits of Construction ERPs   

A construction ERP program combines all your company information into one convenient dashboard. Using the dashboard, authorized users can observe real-time data.

In the absence of an ERP system, various departments work in a silo. Conversely, ERP systems enable multiple departments to share and visualize information easily.

An ERP system collects information from across your entire organization. The dashboard makes it easy for stakeholders to measure productivity—and profitability. 

For example, an ERP system will enable you to gain invaluable insights into project management and estimating. You can also use the system to create custom reports easily.

Furthermore, you can use an ERP system to maximize your human capital. The system will enable you to share knowledge and collaborate with your employees like never before.

Construction ERP Software in Action   

Many companies use ERP technology. As an example, think about some of the items that you have shipped to your company.

You may have noticed that sometimes goods from the same vendor come from different addresses. This occurrence is the result of ERP in action. 

Savvy enterprises leverage ERP technology to make the best use of inventory. The system will also analyze characteristics such as shipment times and other logistics factors. Next, the ERP system decides what distribution center is the most cost-effective and productive site for filling an order.

In your industry, you could use a construction ERP system to create a materials quality list based on an estimate. The system could share that information with team members in seconds on your command.

An ERP system can provide your company with a wealth of data. More importantly, it makes it easy to use that information.

Your ERP system can help you to align your tasks with your goals. It can also help you to increase productivity by optimizing employee performance.

Most importantly, an ERP system serves as a single source of the truth. With this resource, your departments no longer have to work using information from disparate sources. Now, everyone’s on the same page—at the same time.

A New Way of Doing Business   

It’s important, however, to choose an ERP resource made specifically for the construction industry. For example, Acumatica Construction Edition can help you to connect all the parts of your enterprise. More importantly, it can help you to drive business growth.

You might operate your accounting and other applications using systems that do not integrate. Alternatively, they may not integrate well.

If this is the case, your staff members don’t have the tools to perform to the best of their ability. Furthermore, you have limited visibility into your ongoing projects. Without connecting your business from end to end, your profit margins are shrinking.

However, Acumatica Construction Edition can help you to manage your cash flow more efficiently. It can help you to balance your expenses with your budget. A true cloud ERP can also relieve you of the headache of managing cash flow without cloud-based construction accounting software.

You can use it to combine bank balances and invoices into a complete overview of your cash flow. This information will enable you to maintain contractual commitments, make payroll, and manage your construction firm effectively.

With a true cloud ERP system, you can also maintain tighter project controls. Whenever needed, you can use your real-time dashboard to drill down to project details.

With this ease of access to information, you can reduce project risks and increase productivity. Most importantly, you can boost customer satisfaction.

Future Proof Your Construction Firm Today   

Over time, your construction firm will grow and change. A born in the cloud ERP solution such as Acumatica can future proof your organization.

Acumatica integrates with leading cloud-native applications easily. You can leverage the best of the cloud by using Acumatica ERP technology.