The Concept Behind Cloud Construction Software And Its Benefits

From general contractors to specialty contractors, cloud construction software is taking hold of the construction industry and it’s here to stay. But what are the ultimate benefits? In this article, discover web-based accounting software and the concept behind it.

The principles behind cloud computing are simple: cloud computing permits you to run computer software over the world wide web in real-time – without needing to buy, install or manage your own servers. You can run your company’s operations with nothing more than internet access and your mobile phone. While a mobile app isn’t the most efficient way of accomplishing every task, the beauty of cloud-based construction software lies in the fact that you can use the right device for the right process.


A New Way Of Doing Business

Cloud computing software delivery is like a utility. Turn the switch on, and it’s there just like electricity, no “booting up” or grabbing a coffee as your database loads. It also leads to low overhead. Maintenance upgrades. Systems management take place in the background and are managed by the software solutions provider. No more nights and weekends supervising a brand-new version upgrade for servers and workstations.


Simple Integrations

Integrations amongst cloud-based systems are simpler and more intuitive. The most robust cloud computing software platforms have an open API that let’s them seamlessly talk to each other. So it’s no longer question of does it work with that. Now you can use best-in-class cloud products that have been workplace standards for years.


Ease of access from anywhere, and anytime!

As a side note, In my examples I’m going to use Acumatica Construction Edition. With Acumatica, their platform is always on, making it easy to operate your company and support remote employees. This allows you to place, staff, and support a very mobile sales and service team efficiently. Since people can access the cloud at any time – night or day – from any browser, desktop, or mobile phone around the world, work gets done without interruption.


Designed For Work And Peak Uptime

Cloud construction software architectures are designed from the ground up for maximum network performance. They often deliver better application-level accessibility than traditional, on-premise solutions. For instance, Acumatica Construction Edition commits to 99.999% availability for its clients and provides data security like PCI DSS compliance. That one feature could be cost prohibitive to achieve with on-premise construction software.


Robust External And Internal Security

Protection from ransomware, malware, and other IT maladies comes standard with cloud platforms like Acumatica. But the cloud also includes levels of security like disaster recovery and backup that you can’t get, or possibly afford, with on-premise solutions. Peace-of-mind also comes standard knowing that your project managers, controllers, executives, and interns only see the data they need.


Scalability You Can Trust

As your business grows, you want a software provider you can trust will grow with you. Acumatica has over 160 million ERP transactions per month (over 1 billion transactions in 2018), 103 million logins per year (all with a 99.999% uptime), and 97% support satisfaction. Acumatica’s focus on customer success has resulted in Acumatica’s continued reign as the fastest growing cloud ERP vendor, reaching over 5,200 customers, 1,200 of whom joined in the last year.


Optimized Performance

The cloud adapts to your performance needs, dynamically assigning server cycles when and where you need them, automatically adapting to spikes in your company’s workload. Acumatica Construction Edition has unique subscription-based pricing: you pay as you go, based on your volume of transactions, not users. This means you can add an unlimited number of users and give access to anyone who will benefit from being connected to your system. With Acumatica, there isn’t any significant up-front investments in licenses, software, and hardware – allowing you to benefit from IT flexibility & better cash flow.


Energy Savings

No more bloated server racks. By eliminating the need for on-premise servers and related hardware, cloud computing reduces overall server room electrical consumption as well. Savings for a mid-size company could be thousands of dollars per year annually. This frees up cash to invest back into your company – from office and equipment improvements to growing your team.


You Are In Control

Best of all, cloud computing allows you to focus on what matters: building your business. No longer are you faced with costly infrastructure and software tools that don’t talk with each other. I like to think of it as looking at a neatly organized set of plans versus the idea that’s scribbled on a napkin – it all just makes sense.

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