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Stop fighting for your information.

As an executive, your Sage 300 software should be doing more for you. Filter out the noise and take back company time with MyAssistant.

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1000’s of built-in tasks, unlimited possibilities.

MyAssistant ships with pre-configured rules, alerts, and notifications, but the real power lies within making it your own.

“Until you start using it, you don’t realize how much more efficient it makes things”

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Teresa Whittaker

Controller, IMPACT Strategies

How it works

1. Choose What To Track

From invoices to dunning letters to reports, send and receive the information crucial to project success in a variety of business processes:

•  Compliance
•  Accounts Payable
•  AR and Billing
•  Cash Management
•  Equipment Cost
•  General Ledger
•  Job Cost
•  Payroll
•  Project Management
•  Service Management
•  Property Management

2. Decide Who It Goes To

Send the right information to the right people. Subs, execs, clients, and more all through email.

3. Choose When

Once an hour, two times a day, three times a week, once a year. You name the frequency and MyAssistant does the rest.

4. Design The Content

Select existing report designs, email templates, or call on our team at Bangert, Inc. to customize and design your reports, notifications, and emails.

5. Breathe & Relax

No more worrying about the small details or whether you sent that email following up on expired insurance. MyAssistant has your back for all your project-dependent communications.

MyAssistant Quick Demo

Buy today, install tomorrow.

MyAssistant is a fraction of the cost of a real assistant. What are you waiting for? Take back control and free up your task list.

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