Q&A With Bangert, Inc.’s New Sales Director, Co-Founder Of Event 1 Software, James Coyle

As Bangert, Inc. announced this week that James Coyle has been appointed as Sales Director, we spoke with James on his prior construction technology experience, why he chose Bangert, and what customers can expect under his direction.

Continue reading below to get to know James and see what changes he hopes to make at Bangert!

You used to be a consultant for Bangert, how has the industry shifted from then to now?

When I was a consultant, the internet was not as developed, so the ability to connect and communicate with customers virtually was unprecedented. At that point, the need to be face-to-face with customers was more important than I think it is today, whether it was cost-effective or not.

Another instance of the industry shifting, was it was more clear for people to know what ownership meant when they acquired their technology. This has changed substantially, to the point where a lot of customers have a hard time keeping up with all of the nuances of decision-making in technology.

Why did you choose to come back to Bangert?

When I left, I had a number of goals I wanted to accomplish on a national and international level, I co-founded Event 1 Software, Quality User Educators, and made contributions at the level that I was hoping to do. But really, what I care about most is the customer and their company’s experiences – that they acquire technology that really does what the owners want it to do. There’s a lot of competing narratives out there that customers are exposed to. These narratives can lead them to think they know what decision they should make, but in reality, it can get really confusing while doing research for new technology, it can be hard to decide. I think now more than ever, it’s important for customers to have the right kinds of conversations, to get to the substance of how they want to use technology, and I felt I could make the biggest contribution with a traditional reseller like Bangert.

Also, the opportunity to work with Kurt Bangert again was one of the reasons I came back.  I am fondly connected with my Bangert roots and Kurt’s the best salesperson I’ve ever met. I’ve received a lot of accolades over the years but when I think of salespeople who have influenced me the most, there’s no one who has influenced me more than Kurt. His approach to business and his company is also one of the many reasons why I chose to come back. I knew we could reach stellar objectives collectively.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

In the short-term, I am most looking forward to getting to know everyone that we have at Bangert. I am really intrigued by the team that we have, every group I meet at Bangert impresses me. I’m also looking forward to getting to know the sales team, sharing my experiences, the strategies that I’ve developed, and helping them unlock their full potential.

In the intermediate and long-term, I’m looking forward to the experience that our existing customer base, and the customers that we’re about to acquire, are going to have. I think that we’ll be taking the world by storm in ways they can’t imagine, and that’s very exciting.

What are you excited about for Bangert’s future?

I don’t think there’s anything that this organization wants to accomplish that it can’t. So, I’m excited for helping to expand that dream. This also means we don’t see boundaries that are regional ones, those don’t exist. I am looking forward for Bangert to be in a relationship with the kinds of outstanding companies that I’ve come to know in my various positions. These are companies who need what we have to offer, their appreciation of what we have to offer and how we deliver it.

Many times, over and over, when you deal with a construction company, they’ll say when I bought ‘XYZ’ I was expecting these types of certain aspects. However, my hope is for those companies to partner with us and realize they can get what they always wanted with a technology provider. That is what I’m most thrilled about, for both our customers and for Bangert.

What are you excited about for your future?

I’m excited to work with the people at Bangert as well as its customers. I was blessed to work in an organization with people who I really cared about, the staff, what we were able to accomplish, it was pretty extraordinary. At Bangert, I don’t see anything less than that. To me, I’m walking into an organization that has that same extraordinary dynamic.

When I first met Kurt and his dad, Richard, the founders of Bangert, they gave me so much in my professional life. To be able to return some of that back and help Kurt and Reid grow the organization even further, I’m ecstatic to help with that.

From co-founding Event 1 Software (Office Connector) and Quality User Educators, you have a lot of experience from the back-end side of construction technology as well, how will these experiences help you as a Sales Director?

The technology that Event 1 Software created pairs well with Bangert’s visions – allowing the customers to achieve their fullest potential. I see that commitment at Bangert. One of the benefits of Event 1 Software was that we worked with many business partners but one of the drawbacks is that we could not directly create the invitation to customers who really need technology – that’s just not possible when we’re a vendor, you’re more separated.

At Bangert, I can connect much more intimately to the customer experience. That connection to the customer experience was part of the reason for my passion of consulting and being a salesperson. Going from the possibility with technology to the reality, and the gratitude that customers have can be quite addicting. Being able to focus on a fewer number of organizations but service them more substantially, that’s one of my greatest passions and I will be able to do that in this position.

The construction industry is headed into a new era of cloud-based financial management. What excites you the most about this change?

During this time, it can be hard for customers to understand what the differences are between their current system and a cloud system. Especially during a time of crisis, people tend to go back to their old habits. I’m excited to help customers understand and get over their fear, as well as helping them measure how technology will meet their needs.

I don’t think technology decisions have to be complicated or overwhelming for others. I think we can help customers understand their options in a way that they still feel in control. Construction companies need that. There are a lot of cloud-based possibilities, but some prospects have a fear that they’ll go down a path and lose the control that they had before, when they were using just a spreadsheet. Until we get people over that fear, they will not be as competitive or as effective as they need to be without using current technology. The world isn’t waiting for them, it’s moving forward.

What can customers expect under your direction of the sales team?

Clients can expect us to listen to them and understand. They can expect us to know our technology, the pieces and parts that are important to them, and hold our whole team accountable to that. We will keep the promise that we make when we form a relationship, and that’s not only at the beginning of the relationship, it’s ongoing. Clients who have done business with us can expect that our Sales Team will be in contact with them on an ongoing basis, we won’t just sell them something and leave them hanging. The relationship will perpetuate.

They can also expect a warm hand-off between the Sales Team and Client Services. Client Services will be as informed as possible because we will hold ourselves to a high-standard of accountability. Although it is easy to say those things, the proof is in the actions and the reality that customers will see.

What is one of Bangert’s Core Values that you most align with?

“Do the right thing” is one of Bangert’s Core Values that I most align with. I think everything springs from doing the right thing. However, it’s not just doing the right thing for yourself, but doing the right thing that has accountability at multiple levels.

It’s also the same thing as integrity. If there’s one thing I think people will know me for, whether it’s from working at Timberline, Sage, or Event 1 Software, it’s my uncompromising integrity.

Now that there is a COVID-19 vaccine rolling out, and a COVID-free world seems more possible in the future, what are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

I’m really looking forward to meeting our team face-to-face, and ideally, meeting with our customers. I’m very much excited to introduce Bangert to some of the organizations that have been the hallmark of how I was able to grow Event 1 Software. Event 1 was a technology provider, but there always had to be an agent in-between us and anything we wanted to accomplish. At Bangert, we will be directly involved with the customer experience and I’m truly excited about being a part of that, especially when we can meet face-to-face again.

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