Our Team

Our team of construction technology experts is growing! Bangert now has more certified and qualified consultants than ever in our nearly 40-year history.

Kurt Bangert, President & CEO | Bangert, Inc.

Kurt Bangert
President & CEO

Reid Bangert, COO & Integrator | Bangert, Inc.

Reid Bangert
COO & Integrator

Hillary McCann, Administrative Manager | Bangert, Inc.

Hillary McCann
Administrative Manager

Brett Hodson, Senior Account Executive | Bangert, Inc.

Brett Hodson
Senior Account Executive

Justine Mahoney, Account Executive | Bangert, Inc.

Justine Mahoney
Account Executive

Mike Baio, Consultant II - Bangert, Inc.

Mike Baio
Consultant II

Kevin Edgington, Consultant II | Bangert, Inc.

Kevin Edgington
Consultant II

Lisa Hutt, Consultant II | Bangert, Inc

Lisa Hutt
Consultant II

Boyan Topic, Consultant II | Bangert, Inc.

Boyan Topic
Consultant II

Christopher Bohl, Data & Integration Specialist | Bangert, Inc.

Christopher Bohl
Data & Integration Specialist

Kylie Jacks, Marketing Coordinator | Bangert, Inc.

Kylie Jacks
Marketing Coordinator

Luke Englert, Brand Manager | Bangert, Inc.

Luke Englert
Brand Manager

All working together to drive efficiency within the construction industry.

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