During my time working in the recruiting industry, I witnessed firsthand how companies, as well as candidates themselves, made decisions on how to hire or what company to work for. More often than not, a common denominator in that process was technology. Potential new hires are looking for a company that has kept up with their technology, setting their employees up for success. On the other hand, companies who are hiring are more prone to choose someone familiar with the latest systems.

Legacy Systems Vs. The Latest Cloud ERP Systems | Bangert, Inc.

Now that I am in the construction tech space, it is important to educate others on how systems and technology can impact your business in every aspect. For instance, when it comes to legacy ERP software, you’re at the mercy of your on-premise servers and IT support team, which can easily result in lost time and labor-intensive processes. In fact, software experts say that legacy systems are holding the construction industry back.

Read on to learn how integrating the latest cloud ERP systems serves the companies we serve and why you don’t want to hold your company back with legacy software.

Reevaluating The Thinking Trap  

In the construction industry, particularly in accounting and financial management, it is easy to become stuck in the mindset, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” However, especially in the last two years, technology has progressed at such a fast rate. There always seems to be an update or a new system that can maximize productivity and functionality.

An iPhone is a good example of a piece of technology that is constantly progressing. As an iPhone user, not a month goes by where there isn’t an update that keeps everything running smoothly or enhances the usability. This commitment to making the product better and being there for the user is just one example of why the latest system is always preferable to an older one.  If I was using an iPhone from even just a few years ago with no updates, it would be running more slowly and I would be missing out on some of the new capabilities of modern communication.

However, it’s easy to fall into the mindset mentioned earlier. If I am used to how a product runs and have not looked at the capabilities of new products, I might think my current ways are fine and won’t ever realize what I could be missing out on. If your company is using a system from the 1990s, you are missing out on the modern technology that your competition is using to get a leg up on the market.

The Role Your Technology Plays During COVID-19 | Bangert, Inc.

The Role Your Technology Plays During COVID-19  

From my perspective as a recruiter when the pandemic began, I saw clients who were well-prepared for the changes that were forced upon their businesses. I also saw clients who struggled at first but adapted and overcame the adversity the Coronavirus put on the economy. Unfortunately, I witnessed some who failed. One factor that I noticed playing a role in each of these scenarios was technology.

The first step that these successful companies made was implementing the latest technology into an outdated system. Indeed, this can be a daunting step for companies to make. While an implementation requires a lot of navigation and work, they adapted and overcame. On the other hand, the companies who ignored the latest systems, their remote work suffered.

Companies who were early adopters of a cloud ERP solution were the most well-equipped in transitioning their business to remote working. The construction firms using drones to monitor their job sites, utilizing the cloud in real-time to look at field reports on any device, have quickly risen to the top of the market.

The Road Ahead  

In summary, the struggle that construction firms faced during these uncertain times could have been lessened by the early adoption of the latest technology. In my role at Bangert as an Account Executive, I can play a big part in the way construction companies can be sustainable through a crisis.  I find great value in that and hope to educate and assist our customers in making the right decision for the present and the future during this volatile time.

The Road Ahead | Bangert, Inc.

From what I learned while working in the recruiting industry, the best and brightest in the workforce are standing along the firing line when it comes to learning the newest, most groundbreaking construction technology. These are the folks you want in your company, the ones who have the grit and drive to enhance workflow into the next decade. Lastly, they are the type of employee to stay with a company and contribute to a great culture of learning and growth.

I know it can be daunting to take a look and try to challenge the norm, but after all, that’s the mindset that got the Empire State Building constructed and the Model A to the F150 in a hundred years.

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