Builtcast: Jaime Weber On Successful Software Implementation

by May 13, 2019

From his time in Second City to performances at the Kennedy Center, we talked with Jaime Weber on how he took a non-traditional approach to a career in construction technology at Bangert, Inc.

Jaime Weber blends creativity with critical problem-solving to help construction businesses implement Acumatica Construction Edition (ACE) and move their company forward. In this episode, we take a behind-the-scenes look into what Bangert’s process looks like – and what you should expect when implementing new software at your company.

“You have to think about scalability, what you can do now, and how technology is going to take you to the next step.”“There are ways for us to make everybody’s lives in construction better”

We also take a deeper dive into Acumatica Construction Edition and why their platform is outpacing the alternatives in the marketplace.

Want to see how Acumatica can take your business and data to the next level?

Want to learn more about AI and Blockchain in construction?

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