Mobile Construction Time Tracking

Automate time tracking against cost codes and spend zero effort getting your crews up to speed.

Trusted by hundreds of the industry’s leading construction companies.

Office Manager

“I like that it’s easy to change times and know where your employees are punching in at ( with gps feature ) I can’t easily delete people from the active employees to add new ones! It’s simple to download the app and enter the device code for my employees cell phones!”

Emily M
Office manager
Small-Business(2-10 employees)

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Time Saving

“The reports that you can make are accurate and are easy to customize. ExakTime is a good way to track employees who clock in on different job sites and you need to keep track of exactly where your employees are clocking in and out.”

Administrator in Construction
Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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ExakTime Review

“It is very helpful to keep track of employees time. It also helps when dealing with invoices. You can enter time and it will import over. I would definitely choose ExakTime if you have a decent size company. It will help tremendously when you are dealing with payroll. It will also help accounting when they are trying to bill out time for work completed. I use this on a day to day basis and it seems to keep us organized.”

User in Construction
Mid-Market(51-200 employees)

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Easily Keep Track Of Your Crew’s Time

Let your crews clock in from their mobile device or have their supervisors clock them in on a tablet. Make it even easier by integrating ExakTime with JobClock® for a stand-alone solution built for the job site. ExakTime unlocks usability with a powerful, backend dashboard to manage it all.

One Dashboard To Track Employees Across Jobs

From scheduling to reports to real-time KPI’s, track your employee’s time in a single place with simple navigation.

Setup And Manage Employee Schedules

Manage and create schedules based on employee and job site locations. Do you have gaps? Drag and drop employees into a job site to complete your job’s staff.

Know If Your Employees Showed Up Before They Hit Payroll

Employee’s clocking in before they arrive at the job site? ExakTime issues a flag before you process payroll if an employee hits the links instead of the job.

Pilot Painting Achieved A 5-8% Increase In Job Profitability

Despite having handled operations one way for over 40 years, Pilot Painting wasn’t afraid to adapt to the changing demands of a spread-out workforce, and to consider new technologies. This started by getting rid of the costly system of tracking time with paper.


Increase in job profitability


Implemented in 2 months

“I was expecting to see a small profit improvement on our jobs. ExakTime far exceeded all my expectations.”

Jake Patton, Pilot Painting


One platform for time tracking, scheduling, and more.

☑ Track Employee Time By Job And Site
☑ Schedule Employees To Jobs
☑ Geofence Your Job Sites
☑ Verify Before Time Hits Payroll
☑ Integrate With Construction Accounting
☑ Improve Accountability Across Your Organization

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