Enablement Courses for Sage Intacct Construction

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Getting Started

Accessing Sage Intacct

About Course

Learn how to access Sage Intacct Construction for the first time in this online course! This course will walk you through logging into Sage Intacct using your Subscription Administrator Account and how to allow External Authorized User Access for your Enablement Manager at Bangert Inc. If you have any questions, make sure to reach out to your Enablement Instructor or attend one of our weekly Q&A sessions!

🕑 6m

Level 100 Courses

110: Introduction to Sage Intacct Construction

About Course

Sage Intacct Construction is a true cloud-based financial ERP, designed for the modern construction business.

In this course, you will be introduced to the basics of Sage Intacct Construction from logging in, navigating the Sage Intacct Homepage, to the terminology used within the system.

🕑 23m

120: Administrative Tools

About Course

Learn how to create certain user types in Sage Intacct Construction so that you and your team can collaborate! The Administrative Tools Course for Sage Intacct will guide you on how to adjust user permissions, and preferences and create various user types (e.g., administrator, project manager, and employee users) in Sage Intacct Construction.

🕑 23m

130: Dimensions

About Course

Dimensions are a crucial piece to Sage Intacct Construction and this course will help guide you through everything you need to know. In this course, you will learn about every built-in dimension in Sage Intacct as well as Dimension Structures and how they help simplify your Chart of Accounts.

🕑 1h 45m

140: Company Module

About Course

Learn how to set up your Security, Accounting, and Company Settings in Sage Intacct with ease. In this course, you will learn the functionality of the Company Module and how to configure various settings so that your organization is up and running on Sage Intacct Construction.

🕑 41m

Level 200 Courses

210: General Ledger

About Course

This course will help you with everything you need to know about using the General Ledger Module in Sage Intacct Construction. From how to Open & Close your GL, to create Recurring Journal Entries, to Statistical Accounts, this online training guide will walk you through step-by-step.

🕑 21m

220: Cash Management

About Course

The Cash Management Module course will demonstrate how to speed up the Reconciliation Process, how to Open & Close your Subledger, how to create Credit Card Transactions, and more. This course will be your ultimate guide on how to navigate Cash Management in Sage Intacct Construction.

🕑 1h 38m

230: Accounts Payable

About Course

This course will walk you through one of the core modules of Sage Intacct Construction: Accounts Payable. From setting up ACH payments for vendors, and how to print checks, to bill approvals, this course will guide you through each aspect of the Accounts Payable Module in Sage Intacct.

🕑 2h 22m

240: Accounts Receivable

About Course

The Sage Intacct Construction Accounts Receivable Module is where you will set up your customers, create invoices, print or email invoices, receive payment, and create debit and credit memos. The Accounts Receivable Module Enablement Course will show you all the processes you need to know for AR, from AR adjustments, and advances, to posted payments.

🕑 1h 20m

250: Purchasing and Order Entry

About Course

Sage Intacct Construction Purchasing & Order Entry Modules allow you to create structured, predefined purchase approval workflows and monitor your budget vs. actuals. This course will demonstrate how to set up transaction workflows, adjust transaction definitions, units of measure, general ledger groups, approval policies, and more.

🕑 1h 23m

Level 300 Courses

310: Project Configuration

About Course

The Sage Intacct Construction Projects Module allows you to track multiple aspects of a project while maintaining an easy-to-view list of all projects currently underway. This course will take you through setting up the Projects Module, reviewing accumulation and cost types, setting up your first project, and project estimate setup.

🕑 1h 33m

320: Project Contracts

About Course

This course will guide you through setting up contracts for projects in Sage Intacct Construction. By the end of this course you will be familiar with configuring rate tables, setting up time and maintenance contract lines and fixed price contract lines.

🕑 30m

330: Commitments

About Course

Learn how to enter commitments, purchase orders, and subcontracts in Sage Intacct Construction. This course will also demonstrate how to create change orders and how to release accounts payable retainage on a subcontract.

🕑 22m

340: Change Management

About Course

Change Management in Sage Intacct Construction is where you can configure your own auto-numbering sequencing for change requests and change order numbering structures. Furthermore, this course will demonstrate how to enter change requests, status workflow & estimate updates, project change orders, and how to delete or edit change orders and change requests.

🕑 38m

Level 400 Courses

410: Billing

About Course

The Billing course for Sage Intacct Construction will teach you everything you need to know about Time & Material, Quick Bill, Accounts Receivable Retainage Release, and Progress Billing.

🕑 25m