Waleed Javed, Consultant II | Bangert, Inc.

Waleed Javed’s passion for technology developed when he first got ahold of an ERP system, since then, he strives to make construction business processes more streamlined and finding more effective workflows for customers. Since joining the Bangert team as Consultant II and learning the ins-and-outs of Acumatica, Waleed goes above and beyond to expand his construction accounting knowledge and shows that he is passionate about customer success every day. On behalf of everyone at Bangert, thank you for all you do, Waleed!

Learn more about Waleed Javed below and what he believes makes a strong consultant for the construction industry. 

Why did you choose Bangert? 

I knew I wanted to consult with an Acumatica partner, which is how I found the opportunity at Bangert. When I went on Bangert’s website, it really appealed to me, especially the core values: Doing the Right Thing, Passion for Customer Success, Always Professional, are just a couple. I hadn’t seen those types of core values listed out on a company website and it attracted me to Bangert. I also liked how transparent the Bangert Way is, and when I spoke to Kurt and Reid, I knew Bangert would be the right fit for me. 

Which of Bangert’s Core Values do you most align yourself with? 

I try to align myself with all of them, but Doing the Right Thing appeals the most to me. It aligns with my morals, which is important to me.

What drew you to construction accounting and the industry?  

I was working in the manufacturing industry before joining Bangert and so it was coincidental that I started working with construction businesses. I didn’t realize that construction companies deploy ERP systems and when I saw them in action, it really interested me. I prefer working with construction now because it is rewarding to work with businesses that are so constructive for the economy, no pun intended, and that is something that has always been important to me.

What do you enjoy about working with our customers? 

What I enjoy the most about consulting is the difference that we make to construction businesses. When clients come to us, oftentimes they aren’t experiencing the full benefits of an ERP system, or their business practices and workflows aren’t as streamlined as they could be. With consulting, we’re able to recommend better workflows and on top of that, an ERP like Acumatica really makes things better for them. It helps with scalability, profitability, and always makes their and their staff’s work easier.

Especially with customers who work in accounting and are on QuickBooks or other similar software, they often have to work after hours and do so much manual, tedious work in their day-to-day. With Acumatica, since so much is automated and streamlined, it just makes their work-life better and often reduces a lot of unnecessary stress. It’s great to work with our customers and see how Acumatica ends up being a game-changer for them.

What makes a good consultant? 

A good consultant must be a subject matter expert, someone who knows the domain and understands construction accounting. But they also need to have the customer’s goal in mind. A good consultant sees the bigger picture, recommends the right software, and streamlines business processes in line with that big picture.

What do you enjoy about consulting for Acumatica Construction Edition?  

I enjoy working with Acumatica because it truly is an integrated ERP, it has great automation capabilities, and because of how user-friendly it is. Especially for our clients who have expense management, it is something that they really love because of how it streamlines their processes and automates many tasks that they had to do manually in their previous systems.

How did you develop a passion for technology?  

In reference to ERP systems and databases, I became passionate about them back when I was in college. During my senior year of college, we studied ERP systems as part of our curriculum. My senior capstone project was about developing a database for an airport and generating schedules automatically for its snow removal crew. Then, I had an internship with a manufacturing company where I began implementing an ERP system for the first time. Ever since I learned about ERP systems and started working on them, my passion for them has only grown.

What’s one thing about you that your colleagues and clients may not know about you? 

I love poetry. I’m from Pakistan so most of the poetry I read is in my native language, and when I learned Arabic in college, I started reading poetry in Arabic, too. My love for poetry just comes naturally to me. One of my teachers said that life without poetry is like a body without a soul – I can’t imagine my life without poetry. I think it’s very similar to how some people feel about music.