Patrick Reeder, Account Executive | Bangert, Inc.Patrick Reeder, Account Executive | Bangert, Inc.

Since Patrick Reeder joined Bangert, he has consistently demonstrated a grit mindset. From being described as going “above and beyond” from the customers he’s worked with, fine-tuning his company vlog-style videos on our YouTube page, and overall ensuring that customers and prospects reach success, he has proven to follow Bangert’s Core Values in more ways than one. Thank you for your hard work, Patrick!

Continue reading to learn more about Patrick, what he believes makes a good account executive, and what excites him about the future in the construction software space.

Why did you choose to work at Bangert? What about sales interested you? 

I have always wanted to do something in business development, I was actually hired to go into business development in my last role as a recruiter but COVID-19 had an impact in that and I was told to sit-tight in recruiting. While I did enjoy the recruiting aspect of my job, I knew I wanted to go into business development, especially since the pandemic has caused a huge need for it.

A big part of my life is helping others and sales is a good way to get intrinsic value from it. Getting to learn from everyone on the sales team, especially Kurt Bangert, has been great because they all have so much experience.

Why are you excited about the future with Bangert?

We are on the cusp of a complete technological revolution, from ERP systems, cloud systems, to all the next generation systems. Bangert has truly adapted to these newer platforms and being able to present that to folks who we’ve worked with for 30 years, or people who are just hearing about Bangert now, is what I find most exciting. I love being able to help companies build better and quicker as we enter a new era of construction technology.

You mentioned in your blog post, Legacy Systems vs. The Latest Cloud ERP Systems, that you used to work as a recruiter at an employment agency. How has this experience helped you as an account executive?

My previous experience before was typically with government, and the public sector and private sector are a bit different. So, while I was recruiting, I was getting the idea of the roles of a business, how to speak in an interview, what to look out for and what makes a business successful, which helps me out a lot as an account executive now.

What makes a good account executive?

Listening, feeling and believing that everybody deserves success, especially the prospects and clients that we talk to. Whether it’s a customer we’re calling and talking to for the first time or someone who has been a Bangert customer for 30+ years, I think believing and being passionate about their success is crucial to being a good account executive.

Listening to their needs is also extremely important. At times, there can be sales folks out there who can be preoccupied with selling and not listening.

What’s special to you about working in the construction industry?

I like working with folks who build and get to see what they were working towards come to life, whether it be contracting, subcontracting, or landscaping, they put their work in, the hours and there’s something physically there at the end of it. It’s rewarding speaking with folks who are helping build our country.

What’s one of your favorite parts about working at Bangert?

I definitely think the team is one of the best parts of working at Bangert. I enjoy working with the sales team because we currently have over 100 years of experience in the construction software space. Being able to learn from them and bring that experience to the table is what I think will help push the industry forward.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I live in Austin, Texas with my wife and there’s so many things you can do outdoors in Austin. We love hiking and hanging out with our dog, Ryder. Austin keeps us busy, especially since the weather is getting nicer.

What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

Concerts and dancing for sure. My wife and I took dancing lessons before our wedding, so we are looking forward to dancing and seeing some country artists. I actually have a list of refunded concert tickets that I was going to attend in 2020, so we are going to make up for lost time.

Also, I’m looking forward to finally being able to see the people I work with in person!