Employee Spotlight With Gavin Wright, Support Specialist

After joining Bangert, Inc. as a support specialist for Acumatica just a few months ago, Gavin Wright has quickly become a strong asset to customers. His eagerness to learn new things and persistence with Bangert’s Core Values are evident every day. Thank you for all of your hard work, Gavin!

Continue reading to learn more about Gavin, why he chose to work in construction software, and what excites him about the future of cloud technology.

What drew you to construction accounting and the industry?

Before Bangert, my experience was limited in construction accounting, but what drew me to it was when I first took basic accounting classes in college at LSU. I just wanted to keep learning it. What sticks out to me about construction accounting is that every company does it a little bit differently. Each client that we work with is a unique and different experience every time.

In college, I had some experience in the construction industry working for a friend’s construction business that his family owned, a flooring and tile company in Louisiana. I got to learn more about inventory and all the hard work that goes into construction, I really enjoyed it. So, when I saw the opportunity at Bangert and being in the construction software space, I was eager to join.

Why did you choose Bangert?  

During my interview, Reid Bangert (COO) explained how Bangert is a family-owned company and that stood out to me. I love that Bangert is team-oriented and isn’t a large, faceless corporation.

Also, technology is one of the top industries that is developing in our lives right now, so I was really intrigued in working in it.

What do you enjoy about working with our customers?

I enjoy being able to learn about each company and what they specialize in. I also like seeing how our products and implementations can advance and grow their company. It’s rewarding to see how some companies have become more organized, able to track inventory better, and just have more efficiency overall through software. It’s a big deal when customers reach out to discover better software options because they have already taken a big step towards expanding and wanting to grow.

Which of Bangert’s Core Values do you most align yourself with?

To me, I feel like all of our Core Values coincide together but if I had to pick just one it would definitely be Do the Right Thing. This is something that was instilled in me at a young age through my parents, it’s something I take with me everywhere I go. If you’re doing the right thing, that means you’re Always Professional and Enabling Growth through Customer Success, so I feel like Doing the Right Thing interconnects with all of Bangert’s Core Values.

What makes a good support specialist?

To be a good support specialist and consultant, you definitely have to understand each client’s needs as well as the software your implementing.

Why are you excited about the future with Bangert?

I’m excited to grow into a strong consultant, being a part of the team, learning more, and helping as many clients as I can! I’m also excited about the future of cloud technology and seeing companies make the transition. The cloud offers so many opportunities, such as being able to work on a mobile device and being connected at the office and job site, it offers so many advantages than server-based systems.   

What’s one thing about you that your colleagues and clients may not know about you?

What some may not know about me is that during wrestling season, I am a Louisiana high school wrestling official. I wrestled at the same high school and we’re a five-time state champion, so I like staying with the sport and being a part of it.

What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

I’m definitely looking forward to the festivals in New Orleans starting up again, especially Jazz Fest because they have the best softshell crab po’ boys!

What Our Employees Are Saying About Gavin: 

“Working with Gavin is a pleasure. His calm demeanor and willingness to learn new things makes him a support specialist. I am looking forward to working with Gavin as he grows in his construction software career!”
– Julie Pontell, Consultant II

“Gavin is always ready to learn something new if it might be useful in his work with clients.”
– Christopher Bohl, Data & Integration Specialist

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