Case Study

Ozark-Ag Future-Proofs Their Company with Acumatica Implementation Success with Bangert

“I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed working with Bangert through the Acumatica implementation process. I didn’t know about Acumatica when I started looking for software, and I am so happy that Bangert suggested it. Acumatica works perfectly with our business.”

Ryan Vaughn, Controller

Ozark-Ag is a family-owned business with more than 30 years of experience in poultry housing and pre-construction. With combined generations of experience in poultry growing, Ozark-Ag has had consistent growth over the years but wanted to expand their business into retail with software that would manage sales more effectively than their previous solution, Foundation. Ozark-Ag deployed Acumatica, gained a future-proof cloud ERP, and gave Bangert and Acumatica an overall 10/10 score on their post-implementation review report.

Key Results 

  • Implemented a flexible and scalable business platform paving the way for future growth 
  • Gained remote access to the ERP, boosting productivity 
  • Avoided costly on-premises server technology investment 


Before implementing Acumatica, Ozark-Ag had an implementation a couple of years prior with a company that said they could perform customized reports, but this functionality was not easy says Ryan Vaughn, controller at Ozark-Ag. Another challenge for them was retrieving information from their old software in the format they wanted. “We were constantly trying to search for information in our old system and many times had to resort to exporting entire tables to Excel and sorting it manually,“ Vaughn says. 

As Ozark-Ag wanted to further expand into retail, they knew they had to find a future-proof platform that would grow with them. 

Acumatica Construction Edition


Acumatica Construction Edition

As controller for Ozark-Ag, Ryan Vaughn reviewed various products that could help their situation. Vaughn first learned about Bangert through a previous company he had worked for. “I contacted Bangert and Brett Hodson [Senior Account Executive at Bangert] brought up Acumatica,” says Vaughn, “I hadn’t heard of the product before then but it fit our needs the best out of all the software I’d seen prior.” As Vaughn reviewed more software options, he found that Acumatica was not only an all-encompassing system that met their requirements but was also the most cost-effective. Vaughn went on to say, “I really liked visiting with Brett and his knowledge of the software, he asked the right questions as to what we needed. He was right in recommending Acumatica as a better fit for us.” 

During the Discovery Process, another aspect that Vaughn found beneficial was how Acumatica had a report designer bundled in. “Something that stood out to us about Acumatica was the ability to make reports and inquiries in unique ways. It would be a much more efficient workflow because we can save reports,“ Vaughn says. 


A Flexible & Rapid Implementation 

Once the sales process was complete, Vaughn says that the transition from sales to implementation was “seamless as Brett had already spoken to Chris Eng [Director of Client Services at Bangert], who would help implement, before we even made the decision.” 

Despite most implementations being an immense time consumption, Vaughn goes on to say that Bangert’s speed in importing was one of the aspects that went well for them during implementation. “Chris was able to quickly get everything imported once we sent it over. When we originally sat down to discuss, we allotted a lot of time but Chris accelerated the input of our data,” Vaughn says, “I really appreciated the flexibility, we got through the import a full week faster than originally planned.” 

Another instance that helped the implementation succeed was how adaptable Bangert was with Ozark-Ag. Vaughn says that Bangert was particularly great at looking for things that would help them. He continues by saying, “Once or twice Chris was working on other implementations and something would come up that he thought would benefit us. He would email suggestions to us and that was just amazing. He clearly cares about his job and was trying to keep the best interest of everyone at heart.” 

Immediate Results from Remote Access

Looking from a before and after Acumatica view, Vaughn says that the benefits were immediate after implementation. He goes on to say that remote access capability greatly helped them amidst the COVID-19 pandemic as it was easy to access any info from anywhere. Remote access increased productivity as multiple “employees could look at the data and log in on their own schedules.”  

Regarding how Ozark-Ag has changed, Vaughn says that Acumatica has fundamentally changed their processes for the better.  

Dashboards in Acumatica Construction Edition | Bangert, Inc.

An Ongoing Partnership Between Customer, Vendor, and Value-Added Reseller

Although Ozark-Ag’s implementation was indeed a success, the business relationship did not end after implementation. “Working with Acumatica is great because of their commitment to product improvement. I’ve never worked with a company that seems to listen to their customers as much as Acumatica does and that also comes out with 2 major releases each year,” Vaughn continues to say that “working with Bangert is great because of how knowledgeable they are about Acumatica. Bangert has always been able to help me without having to defer to Acumatica.” 

Vaughn adds that Bangert set them up for success, “having dealt with more than one company on implementation, Bangert did a much better job,” he continues, “it was a success overall. Although I had some concerns during the process, Reid Bangert [COO] and Chris always put my fears at ease.” 

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