Case Study

Mid-States Gains Cloud ERP and Improves Decision-Making

“I truly believe because of the breadth of features and flexibility of reporting, Acumatica will fundamentally change how we run our businesses and will enable us to make the best possible decisions for years to come.”

Andrew Pistorius, Director of Administration & Finance at Mid-States

Mid-States Companies is a leading manufacturer of structural steel in Iowa and has over 10 years in the agricultural-business industry. When Mid-States signed one of the biggest construction projects in the company’s history, it became even more clear that they had outgrown their previous accounting solution, QuickBooks, and needed a cloud ERP that could support decision-making by making data more readily available. After demoing Acumatica with Bangert, Mid-States decided to implement Acumatica and gained a cloud-based system, designed for both their construction and manufacturing needs, and eliminated their manual processes of updating spreadsheets. 
Key results 

  • Eliminated duplicate entry of purchase orders 
  • Positioned the company for growth by providing a scalable solution 
  • Gained an all-in-one construction and manufacturing system while consolidating data in one place 
  • Gained an easy-to-use system that allows users to customize dashboards to suit their company’s needs 


As most of their data was either stored on a local server in QuickBooks that only the financial team had access to or was in an Excel spreadsheet that had to be manually updated, Mid-States knew they needed a cloud-based ERP that would make information more readily available. Andrew Pistorius, Director of Administration & Finance at Mid-States, says that one of their biggest challenges before acquiring Acumatica was data bottlenecking. Pistorius went on to say that they “couldn’t rely on a system that didn’t support decision-making. We didn’t have a centralized place where we could look at what the remaining revenue or budget on each project.”

Acumatica Construction Edition


Acumatica: Enterprise-Scale Financial Functionality 

Pistorius began his search for a cloud-based ERP system in March 2021. With over 10 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing industry, it helped Mid-States’ search that Pistorius knew what they needed from a new system: cloud native, cost-effective, and designed for both manufacturing and construction. Pistorius says that “Bangert was critical in helping with the overall selection of a solution. Every ERP system will tell you that it can do everything, which most can with a little creativity and a lot of custom programming,” he continued, “but with Bangert as a partner, I felt really confident in the ability to press into both what we needed from our next system and what we wanted.”  

With their previous manufacturing ERP, Mid-States had to build reports despite the data not being as transparent as it should be. One of the aspects that stood out to Pistorius was how they could build their own dashboards; Acumatica was customizable and didn’t require more programming or additional fees to do so. After going through the Discovery Process, it became clear that “Acumatica was the best solution, not just an ok solution,” says Pistorius. 


Systematic Flexibility & Visibility

One of the biggest benefits that Pistorius has seen thus far is the customization of Acumatica without having to go through full software customization, which typically includes more pricing, proposals, and scoping. Pistorius says that although many programs are flexible, “it’s hard to reinforce systems, such as Excel, Google Sheets, and MS Projects, as there is usually only one way to do most things.” However, Pistorius goes on to say that with Acumatica, he not only can customize with no additional fees, but he can also do the customization himself. 

This customization has led to live dashboards for Mid-States’ leadership. Prior to Acumatica, Pistorius would give Mid-States’ COO a weekly financial report from pen and paper and manually reflect the amount of checks, payroll, cash balances, and more. With Acumatica dashboards, their weekly financial reports are pulled automatically, and the COO has instant visibility into the budget. What’s more, is that leadership can access these insights whenever they need it, including on their phones while out of the office.  

Pistorius says that “we’ve developed live dashboards for ownership to monitor vital financial signs and no longer rely on duplicate entry of purchase orders.” This process has completely digitized their manufacturing transactional workflows. Pistorius continues, “Project managers can now see what their open commitments are on a job at any time they want and evaluate against a budget.”

Objectives Met Throughout Implementation

Mid-States has a fast turnaround time, and they wanted their implementation to be the same. “I didn’t have a team to support the implementation and Bangert helped along the way to find the right person to facilitate our implementation in a timeline that I wouldn’t recommend for very many people,” says Pistorius. Additionally, Mid-States had a unique implementation as they were consolidating two QuickBooks files into one and building out inter-company workflow functionality. Inter-company visibility was a request they had during implementation so they could see total revenue and not just net revenue.  

Pistorius says that he would recommend Bangert and that Client Services and the Sales Team were responsive whenever he had a question. “Bangert has really acted like a partner with us in trying to get us to the best possible outcome with incremental improvements, not just sell us a product and send us on our way,” Pistorius says. 

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