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Network With The Leading Minds In Construction

Build What Matters Summit | #BWM19

October 24, 2019 | Kansas City, MO

Our all-new annual summit that’s bringing people together from all over the construction industry.
Are you ready to build what matters?
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Alan Richardson

Focused Facilitation

The Founder of Focused Facilitation, with a
focus on construction, Alan helps business
owners and their leadership teams learn,
implement, and master the Entrepreneurial
Operating System® to get everything they
want from their business.

Tannis Liviniuk

Trillium Advisory Group

Working in construction since she was 16,
Tannis grew up in the industry before
championing people – process – technology.
She now works with some of the world’s most
successful construction companies to transcend
the digital divide.

Bassem Hamdy


After 20 years in construction Bassem launched
Briq, a platform that connects, catalogues, and
manages the DNA of buildings through
Blockchain technology with the first enterprise
blockchain custom tailored for the construction
and facilities management industries.

Dustin Burns


Dustin builds highly engaged teams at
McCownGordon that foster inclusion and
deliver unsurpassed solutions. His approach to
technology impacts corporate culture, creating
higher associate engagement and productivity.

Ajoy Krishnamoorthy


Ajoy leads Acumatica’s Construction Edition
platform, a ground-breaking true cloud ERP.
He is creating a connected path for construction
through his experience in product
management, strategic partnerships, and new
tech investments in ML/AI, IoT, Blockchain,
and more.

Blake Berg


Blake is a problem solver with an interest in
project management and process improvement.
From becoming an eagle scout to managing
complex and massive projects in New York City
in his early 20’s – his passion for always leaving
something better than he found it has driven
him to success at a revolutionary company.

Brian Schwartze

Kinzler Construction

Brian is an intentional leader with a crystal-
clear and persuasive communication style. His
goals are to generate enthusiasm,
accountability and results that lead to great
culture in the workplace with an emphasis on a
rock solid HR strategy.

Lori Lamping


Lori has worked throughout the business
spectrum, from small business to enterprise-
level companies, to deliver state of the art
solutions that meet customers needs. At Arcoro,
she uses that experience to enable successful
deployment of Workforce Development

Dustin Anderson


Dustin is keen about driving healthychange
in construction and real estate through
technology. As a natural leader and decision
maker, He enjoys focusing on strategic vision,
process improvements, planning, and
execution. He has deep knowledge of integrated
technology solutions and is passionate about
innovative technology initiatives such as
Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and
Intelligent Buildings.



Learn from your peers what’s working and what’s not in their businesses and processes while gaining a future-forward perspective from industry leaders.


Be empowered by your knowledge and grow your career and business with leading insight from today’s brightest minds in construction tech.


Bring the rest of your team into the fold and use your Build What Matters resources to bring focus and clarity to your daily conversations.

Leave With Knowledge Gained.

Our all-new annual summit has been designed with your success and benefit in mind. From networking with your peers to insightful presentations, there truly is something for everyone. We guarantee that if you leave uninspired, we’ll give you a full refund.10

Bangert Collaborate

Meet The All-New Bangert Way

Working For You

We’ve been hard-at-work redefining the way we do business from the ground up. This means a better experience for you through our focus on people, process, and technology. Collaborate with us and give us your feedback on the changes and what we can do better.

Meet Bangert

Our team has grown over the last year and we want to make sure you know the faces behind the names. Meet up with us at the Bangert Collaborate space to learn how our teams can provide valuable insight into how you use construction tech.

It takes education, it takes awareness, and it takes a level of championship within the execution team to really get new tech up and off to the races.

— Tannis Liviniuk

One thing that this industry is going to continue to do over the next several years is change.

— Dustin Burns

What the business format required yesterday is not going to be the same tomorrow. And we want to be able to adapt to that.

— Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

What is the return on your data? Ask yourself that. It's time to really show all this data you've started to store, what you can actually do with it.

— Bassem Hamdy

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