The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the concept of remote work. What was once an exception is now the norm.

This switch poses particular challenges in the construction industry. Many construction leaders are grappling with this sudden change. They might be asking themselves: is remote construction workable?

The short answer? Yes.

Recent technological advances in the construction industry have made virtual work a possibility. With optimized software and cloud computing, construction firms can communicate like never before.

Digital construction tools allow you to track your employees in real-time. They make communication easier among different teams.

If you’re looking to optimize your company’s digital tool belt, you’ve come to the right place! This article will take you through remote management in the modern construction industry.

Benefits of a Remote Monitoring System  

When you get started on a remote project, investing in a remote monitoring system might be a good idea. Remote surveillance can help you follow your team’s progress.

There are many camera options available to suit a variety of construction needs. Some cameras can be controlled remotely. Some features, such as real-time video and high-definition options, are also available.

You can connect your monitoring system to your tablet or smartphone. This makes it easy for construction leaders to follow progress on their latest project.

A remote surveillance system can also help keep your site secure. Since the pandemic began, construction theft has soared.

If your area experiences a strict lockdown, your team might have to leave the worksite unattended. Installing a top-tier monitoring system can help you keep your equipment secure.

Do Construction Leaders Need Drones?  

Drones are one of the most exciting new pieces of technology around. With a drone, you can visualize dangerous construction areas you can’t reach on foot.

Certain drones can create 3D maps of your site. These maps provide valuable data for construction leaders and workers alike.

Drones can also detect data on a concrete layout or track quantities in real-time. Before drone technology was available, many construction leaders had to hire planes and pilots to get an aerial view of their site.

You might not need a drone for a smaller project you’re managing in person. But for remote construction, a drone could be a useful investment in your virtual management.

Making the Most of Your Cloud Platform  

Cloud computing lets you store data using an online server. What’s more, is that cloud security speeds up the storage process and protects your data.

Many construction leaders have benefited from running an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) on a cloud server. Cloud-based ERPs track all of the information you need to manage your dynamic business.

With an ERP, you can track resources such as building materials and cash. You can check the status of your recent orders or next month’s payroll. ERPs integrate many different systems to optimize your work.

In remote construction management, choosing the right cloud ERP is vital. This software, like Acumatica Construction Edition, delivers crucial business data in real-time. Let’s look at some of the other functions of a successful ERP:


  • Estimate cost and profit for each project
  • Streamline decision-making with accurate data in real-time
  • Save time on project analysis
  • Make communication faster and clearer
  • Automate processes to save time
  • Identify marketing campaign strategies
  • Store data on a secure cloud server

    An ERP saves you time and can cut your overall expenses. Its analytical tools can help you manage purchase orders and documentation with ease.

    Perhaps the main advantage of an ERP is that it can improve communication within your team. ERP systems have chat and video functions so employees can exchange ideas and have overall more transparency and visibility.

    The right cloud ERP can help you build stronger connections within your team. In the age of remote work, this digital tie works against feelings of isolation.

    When you and your team feel connected, everyone wins!

    Tips and Tricks for Digital Tracking

    If you’re just getting started with remote management, you should invest in training for you and your staff members.

    Introducing new technology is often a challenge. But if you design and implement training programs, you can make the process easier for your team. Additionally, some software vendors make sure that after your new technology is implemented, they also implement training plans to ensure all employees feel confident in the new software.

    For example, you might want your employees to clock in on the cloud. Virtual punch cards save the company time and reduce errors. A brief training program can make this transition easier for your employees. With digital tracking, you can follow submittals or change requests as they occur. You can optimize approval processes and manage contractor agreements.

    Some digital tracking tools incorporate GPS technology. With these, you can track the location of deliverables or staff members. In the event of an emergency, this feature could help keep your staff safe.

    Although digital tracking can save you time and money, it can also feel like a burden for employees. Employees might feel overwhelmed when their information is constantly shared.

    To avoid this, remote managers could make it a point to ask staff members for feedback. The simple act of listening can make your employees feel more valued and respected.

    Construction is all about teamwork. Even if you’re working from home, you can encourage open and positive communication among your team.

    Invest in Success Today

    Now that you know how to navigate your employees through remote working, it’s time to reevaluate the technology your construction company is using today.

    If you’re searching for the perfect digital tools for your next construction project, Bangert is here for you! We have worked with many construction leaders to find the right software for every firm. Our reliable tools and processes offer solutions woven together seamlessly.

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