Core Human Resource Management System

Redefine and modernize your HR processes with greater efficiency and collaboration across your entire organization.

Trusted by hundreds of the industry’s leading construction companies.

Crush It From Hire To Retire

Stop tasking your day away by digitizing, automating, and streamlining your core human resource process across touchpoints, departments, and companies. With InfinityHR HRMS you can eliminate daily paperwork and connect your employees to the resources that matter most.


Drive Employee Engagement & Trust

Your employees can access benefit information, tax documents, and more with InfinityHR’s Employee Portal. Create inclusion throughout your organization and never leave your team without the answers they need.

Eliminate Daily Paperwork

From surveys and assessments to data & compliance reporting, get rid of your paperwork overload and kill your task list by automating your HR process.

Improve Your Workflow With Data Integration

Positively impact audits, daily reporting, and add value to your company’s bottom line by integrating the data points you need, directly in InfinityHR Core HRMS.

Comply With ACA & Manage Benefits With Ease

Further streamline your HR process by eliminating manual tasks when it comes to managing your employee benefits and ensuring you comply with ACA.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

How CorpStrat Adjusted To Industry Disruptions With InfinityHR

CorpStrat did not have a system of choice to offer to their clients that would increase efficiencies and reduce errors in processes falling under HR Management, Talent Management and Payroll Processing. They needed a robust platform they could offer that featured a built-in integration to a variety of partner technologies, allowing them to offer a scalable and customized platform experience to each of their clients based on individual requirements.



With Existing Tech



Admin Experience

“InfinityHR drew us in with two attributes; their platform’s integration capabilities and the emphasis they put on partner relationships. InfinityHR connects with other systems using open APIs and FTP capabilities to integrate or

Angela Adams, CorpStrat

Complete HR Management

One platform for your human resource process.

☑ Employee Record Management
☑ Automated Workflow Management
Data & Compliance Reporting
Time-Off Tracking
Surveys & Assessments
Reliable & Protected Security



8 Do’s and


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