Bison Gear & Engineering Reduces Compliance and Annual Review Concerns with Online Talent Management System

Industry: Manufacturing

ExakTime Products: ARCORO

Solutions Integrated: Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System, Performance

“I am thrilled to have finally found a talent management solution that is agile and forward-focused which allowed me to easily edit forms without negative budget impacts.”

Debora Galchick, Bison Gear

Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation is a leading power transmission equipment and federal contracting company based out of St. Charles, Illinois that offers its innovative technology and skills in various states across the country. Their promise to manufacture lasting products has contributed to their success in setting industry standards.

Federal contracting company relies on automated processing to adhere to government regulations

Like all other federal contractors, Bison Gear & Engineering required proper recruiting processes and documentation to reach qualified, diverse candidates and stay within OFCCP regulations. Bison relied too heavily on external resources to recruit their talent. After a preceding HR manager selected a less configurable talent management system, Bison’s HR Director, Debora Galchick, decided it was time to make the move toward a streamlined, versatile and integrated talent management solution. ARCORO’s user-friendly software interface and professional services appealed to Debora and her HR processing goals. Galchick said, “I am thrilled to have finally found a talent management solution that was agile and forward-focused which allowed me to easily edit forms without negative budget impacts.”

Streamlined talent management software allows for customization and forward-focused development

With such a diverse workforce, it is crucial to avoid the generational skill gap and the safety concerns that come with it by having a frequent, coaching approach to performance reviews. Bison needed a system that offered unlimited forms and was agile, allowing them to switch or alter various documents at any time, without additional charges. In addition to the flexibility, Bison was seeking a way to advance their talent management strategy and a system that would display a clear career path for employees to aim toward.

Bison Gear & Engineering Corporation looks forward to continuing the advancement of both Bison’s employees and business by implementing the ARCORO Talent Management System to streamline processes and remain forward-focused. Andrew Burnette, Bison’s Vice President of Administration, noted how the comprehensive nature of ARCORO’s Talent Management System will help drive the company’s success. “Our promise to all of our customers is that we manufacture products that will last. Recruiting, developing and retaining the best possible talent is fundamental to keeping that promise,” Burnette said.


  • Recruiting needs required compliance-focused software to remain within OFCCP guidelines.
  • Dependence on external recruiting entities to fulfill hiring needs was expensive. Desired an internal sourcing process.
  • Previous talent management software was overcomplicated and inflexible. Required a user-friendly, configurable system to easily complete HR functions.
  • Infrequent, peer-based reviews resulted in inadequate performance tracking. Required forward-focused system to improve performance tracking and enable frequent coaching and feedback.

Key Selection Drivers

  • ARCORO ATS will deliver essential federal contractor documentation to keep up with compliance standards
  • Simplified, yet robust and configurable ARCORO Talent Management System will allow for more forward-focused workforce management
  • ARCORO LMS will reduce skill gaps by assigning learning programs and courses directly from performance reviews
  • Flexible integrated talent management workflows allow HR managers to create and edit forms with no additional expenditures despite changes in process
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