Builtcast: On-Demand Growth With Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

by Feb 3, 2019

How does technology and growth go hand-in-hand? We talked with Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, the VP of Platform Strategy at Acumatica, and discovered a key hidden value for construction companies: on-demand growth.

Let’s face it, the end of days for on-premise systems with complex and lengthy updates is on the horizon. Don’t take that as a warning shot, it’s just the nature of technology and an industry where a new generation of owners, executives, and managers are coming in with new ideas and expectations. The good news? Ajoy Krishnamoorthy might just be the ultimate brain behind construction tech’s future. Why? Because he’s the lead on strategy behind the most forward-thinking construction ERP platform available today: Acumatica Construction Edition. We didn’t just talk “tech” though. Ajoy gave us his thoughts on how businesses can unleash on-demand scale. By applying cloud platforms like Acumatica, contractors can focus on what matters: building their business.

We think you’ll find Ajoy’s insights as exciting and refreshing as we did. After all, until now it has been a generation since a truly new construction financial management system has arrived on the market. Ajoy’s tech-forward views around AI, machine learning, Alexa voice control, and mobile set the stage for a game-changing tech advance in the construction industry.

(As a side note, in the short time since we’ve recorded this episode, Acumatica has released the first ever Alexa skill for an ERP system.)

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