Acumatica Construction Edition
User Interface Overview

Acumatica Construction Edition’s user interface is easy to navigate, search, and customize. Brett gives you a quick four minute overview of how it all works.

Acumatica Construction Edition has been built from the ground up for the web. It leverages the most modern tech available today and keeps your data safe while doing it. See the video below for a visual overview, but we’ve also broken out key highlights in this article.


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Project Manager Dashboards

As a project manager, you can think of the Project Dashboard as your homepage. This page shows you a high-level overview of where you stand for all of your projects. Dashboards are easy to configure and customize and can be setup however you want them to look. You are only limited based on your role and security clearance.

Click To Design

It’s easy to customize your dashboards with a few clicks. Acumatica Construction Edition dashboards are completely configurable by the end user. Different types of dashboards and widgets are available in setup and are easily added by you. You can add different types of widgets such as charts, data tables, KPI’s, and even your own Wiki pages.

Universal Search

Acumatica Construction Edition’s search works just like “Google”. Not only does it search for menu items, it will also pull up transactions, files, and help articles. For instance, you can search for an invoice base on the number (or partial number), vendor name, phone number, or anything contained within that file. The universal search engine will be very helpful in speeding up your normal day-to-day work.

To take a deeper dive on Acumatica Construction Edition, head over to our product page:
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