Acumatica Construction Edition wasn’t even a thought yet when we started providing technology solutions to construction companies 35 years ago. Here’s why you should take a look at Acumatica, along with an in-depth review of its features.

*A quick note before we begin: we are an authorized VAR with Acumatica. Yes, we would love to put you one step ahead of your competition and get you into the Acumatica platform – just know that this review comes from our 35 years in the business of construction technology.

In this review of Acumatica Construction Edition, we’ll give you the quick bits about Acumatica up front and inform you more and more in depth along the way.

Quick Info: Acumatica Construction Edition comes in four different options:

  • Acumatica Construction Edition ERP for General Contractors
  • Acumatica Construction Edition ERP for Home Builders
  • Acumatica Construction Edition ERP for Land Developers
  • Acumatica Construction Edition ERP for Specialty and Sub-Contractors

So, is Acumatica the right fit for your construction company?

Short Answer: Yes

Long(er) Answer: It delivers solid performance and competitive advantages as a standalone accounting platform, but offers even more when you make the decision to go all-in on the cloud.

Brief: Acumatica offers advantages over traditional options that make it worth seriously considering. From it’s open API to it’s real-time, anywhere capability, Acumatica packs a punch for on-the-move companies with team members who need an easy-to-use platform that offers robust tools they’re accustomed to.

We won’t give you the reasons why you should move to the cloud in the first place – you can find that here – but we will give you our take on where Acumatica fits into the overall picture of your company.

When we were introduced to Acumatica, it became instantly clear to us that this is a platform that will deliver value and move construction companies into the future.

Here are the attributes that make it stand out (with more on all of these in a minute):

  • Truly Cloud Based
  • Real-Time & Anywhere from Any Device
  • Open API
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Automate Critical Tasks

Truly Cloud Based

Let’s start with truly cloud based. What does this mean? It means that Acumatica lives natively in the cloud. It doesn’t have a “plug-in” or “add-on” that makes your mobile or tablet communicate with your servers – because with Acumatica you won’t have any servers. Everything is based in the cloud– whether you’re accessing your data from a phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, or VR headset (OK, not that yet). This makes it easy to connect to and get up-to-the-millisecond information on all of your projects. You can even globally search throughout your data, like your own personal Google. Find anything, even if you only remember a few characters.

We dive deeper into Acumatica’s cloud-based benefits and UI here:

Real-Time & Anywhere

That leads us to real-time & anywhere. What happens if you need critical information for a project on a Friday night at 7:00 PM? Do you like running reports at the last minute? Neither do we … in fact it’s just inconvenient. Not having what you need when you need it is a major pain.

Luckily, Acumatica solves this problem for us through:

  • BI dashboards configured for every role in your company from superintendents to the CEO
  • Integrations with other top-rated cloud solutions like Procore, Stratusvue, Docusign, Smartsheet, and more.
  • Notifications and alerts that actually come in time to allow for positive change.
  • The peace of mind that what you see is what you have, no unprocessed transactions waiting to surprise you.

We like the anywhere and from any device aspect of Acumatica too, because we can get real-time information on how jobs are being handled, well, anywhere using whatever device we’re already on. If we’re on a Southwest flight to meet up with a prospect in Austin, we can pop on via our tablet or smartphone to make sure the job back in Tulsa is running smoothly. We can also see the numbers as they come in. That’s something that just isn’t possible in previously available programs. Real-time and anywhere will bring a new perspective on the performance of your projects and company. Dashboards in place of daily reports will change your life for the more convenient and allow you to continue working using the devices you already have.

All Company Access – Anywhere

At Bangert, we recently moved our entire IT stack to the cloud. It was critical for us because we don’t want to simply preach; we want to lead by example and understand the nuanced benefits of cloud-based construction software in order to better serve our clients. What was the #1 thing we found that mattered? All company access, from any device anywhere. We find we get more done, and keep each other more up to date than at any time in our past. Of course, security clearance and restrictions are a must and Acumatica comes ready to handle the security layers you need. This is followed closely by …

Open API

An open API (application program interface) allows developers to look at what’s under the program’s hood – in this case Acumatica – and create integrations that are both standard and custom. For example, we can create custom integrations which boost productivity and transparency, or we’ll teach you how to create them yourself. The bottomline on open API’s is that they eliminate barriers and streamline operations by allowing you to customize your client experience to best serve your clients effectively.

Modern Pricing Model

We think one of the most unique things about Acumatica is its pricing. Its primary pricing structure is SaaS, meaning it’s a subscription without the limitations of seat-based pricing. That’s right, it’s the same price whether 10 users, or 300. This allows your company to economically deploy across the firm. Want your own Private Cloud? No problem. You choose how you want to buy it: SaaS (subscription), Private Cloud, or Perpetual License. There are advantages and disadvantages to these options, but having all three available gives you the flexibility to choose a plan best fit for your business.

Automate Critical Tasks

What happens when IT is out for the week, the backup didn’t happen, and your new employee hits a few wrong buttons? Chaos is what happens. We know what you’re thinking: “That would never happen to us” … but it could. Just reference Allstate’s “Mayhem” campaign, all based on real-life events:

Worse yet is when you think your current legacy system is handling company data with the proper care, only to find out it hasn’t for years; decades even. Look, companies like yours grow. When companies grow in the way all CEOs like to see them grow (at a good clip), older software solutions don’t always keep up.

CEOs and Founders are not IT professionals, nor should they be expected to be. That’s why Acumatica (and all cloud-based platforms) have your back. Things like redundancy, security, and permissions are built in and working on day one. Acumatica grows natively with your company, and your data? It will always be there when you need it most and safe for when chaos happens.


When analyzing your IT stack’s current and future applicability, function and total cost of ownership you should do so with full awareness of not only where construction technologies are headed, but where the larger world of software is going. Today, it’s clear that there’s a rush to get to the cloud. All the new and exciting construction applications are launching in the cloud, not on-premise. You have to ask yourself why that is, what advantages it can bring to you, and when, not if, the time is right to take your company to a more productive future. Acumatica leads the pack in delivering new tech and new opportunity to the construction financial management and project management space.

Acumatica Construction Edition | Bangert, Inc.

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