2022 R1 is the next release of Acumatica and will launch in mid-March. This regular update is part of the biannual release, with Acumatica R2 being released in September of this year. In addition to the big announcements from the Summit, there are many additions and refinements to the system, such as overall ease-of-use, improvements to workspaces in the Acumatica mobile app, and much more! Here are a few more of the highlights: 

UI Changes on the Account Details form in Acumatica

Figure: The UI changes on the Account Details form


This new feature uses ML machine learning to analyze your GL general ledger transactions, rank the transactions, and bring them to your attention so that you can act on potential problems. 

Field Service

Ease-of-use has been incorporated into service contracts. It is now much easier to copy, create and renew service contacts and then email them to your customers.

AP Bill Recognition Improvements

You now can drag and drop multiple documents at one time, instead of one by one.

Matching of Bank Transactions to Multiple AR and AP Documents

Starting in Acumatica 2022 R1, bank transactions can be matched to multiple AR documents (invoices and credit memos) and multiple AP documents (bills and debit adjustments) on the Match to Invoices Tab of the Process Bank Transactions (CA306000) form.

Mass Processing of Bank Transactions In Acumatica

Mass Processing of Bank Transactions

In previous versions of Acumatica Cloud ERP, it was not possible to automatically match a large number of bank transactions or create an automation schedule for the matching and processing of bank transactions. This has now been made possible with 2022 R1. 

Reconciliation of Unreleased Retainage in AR and AP with GL

In previous versions of Acumatica, users had no convenient way of reconciling the balances of the Retainage Payable and Retainage Receivable accounts with the general ledger. This has now been fixed with the reconciliation of unreleased retainage. 

Project Quote Improvements:

The project quote functionality has been enhanced and improved. Now with a minimum of steps, users can create project quotes for multiple customers who are related to the same opportunity. Also, the layout of the Project Quotes (PM304500) form has been revised for a better user experience. 

Pending invoice quantity specified for revenue budget lines in Acumatica

Figure: Pending invoice quantity specified for revenue budget lines.

Progress Billing Based on Quantity

Pro forma invoices or accounts receivable invoices will be prepared based on the pending quantities specified in revenue budget lines, instead of being limited to dollar amounts.

Mobile App Refresh

The ability to easily configure your mobile user experience is now available. Workspaces, KPI’s, and Favorites have now been updated to display on the main screen in the Acumatica mobile app.

Figure: The updated main screen with workspaces.

Figure: The CRM workspace of the mobile app.

Acumatica’s Growing Community

Acumatica has a very vibrant, active community of users, who provide feedback in the Product Ideas section of the online Acumatica Community Portal. One of Bangert’s Acumatica customers, Colcon Corporation provided specific feedback to Acumatica regarding payroll needs, and Acumatica has incorporated new features based on the feedback into 2022 R1.

If you have yet to use the Acumatica online community portal, take some time to check it out! Good ideas tend to bubble to the top and get incorporated into the software!