In 2018 we have been introduced to some new acronyms – I’m looking at you AR and VR – for technology that promises a bright and futuristic business for all of us. While augmented reality and virtual reality may offer immense possibilities, they are only in the beginning stages of development. In the meantime what’s real right now and what should you be looking to initiate in 2019? Moving yourself and your company to the cloud, and a good place to delve into cloud technology is with cloud construction accounting.

The top 5 reasons to move to the cloud are:

Limitless mobility

Flexibility to scale and grow with your business

Access to industry-leading platforms

Reduced IT and infrastructure costs

Fluid UI that’s easy to understand and simple to operate

These reasons apply regardless of your current construction accounting system, even if you feel satisfied with it.

Look, if I were a CEO (and I am) I’d be asking myself: am I satisfied or am I restless with the current system for my construction accounting? If I’m satisfied, I might not do anything. But not doing anything comes with the risk that my satisfaction can easily turn into complacency, and I know I don’t want to be complacent. If I’m restless, which I usually am, I’m looking for opportunities. I also want to know that I have not missed any opportunity for a smoother, more user-friendly option.

In this era, technology offers a significant amount of opportunities for construction firms, with cloud-based construction accounting at the forefront. In our own case, we have just gone through a massive overhaul of our internal IT stack and have moved completely to the cloud – in every aspect of our business. Do I love the decision I made? 110%. Do I know of better opportunities? No.

If I were CEO of a construction company without cloud-based construction accounting, I’d be looking hard at how the cloud can revolutionize my business. I would be measuring my company against my competitors and others in the industry that I respect. I’d want to be ahead of or, at minimum, be even with the most forward-thinking leaders. And yes, we have a product that will help you get there through cloud technology. It’s Acumatica.

Learn more about Acumatica Construction Edition on our webpage:

Acumatica allows your construction firm to leapfrog others. It lowers cost, delivers information that influences decisions in real-time, and improves the business development process and everything that follows. Acumatica opens doors that traditional on-premise or hosted solutions aren’t even aware exist. In our own case we were satisfied with our IT stack, but the advantages of the cloud were too great to walk away from. I know that construction CEOs would see the same after some deep thought and investigation into the possibilities, and would give into that restlessness and seize the opportunity.

Bangert, Inc. is proud to be an Acumatica Gold Certified Partner.