Construction jobs are some of the most dangerous in the United States, whether it be on-site or while operating heavy equipment. However, there are ways to mitigate these dangers and it all begins with identifying the biggest risks.

Understanding problems is the first step to improving both the efficiency and safety of construction projects. Are you making some of these common mistakes? If you are, it’s time to consider implementing some big changes.

In the construction industry, using the right project management software can go a long way in making any job site safer. Learn more below and discover why you should invest in the right software solution for your construction business.

1. Failure To Organize Documents  

Having the right organizational skills is one of the most important things that a business owner can have. The right organizational system keeps all your important documents stored the right way, making them easy to access when you need them.

However, even if you try to stay organized, mistakes can happen. Papers can get lost or damaged, or you might spend too much time looking for the right document. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s also inefficient.

In the construction industry, a lack of organization can spell disaster.

One easy way to make the process more efficient is to switch from paper to digital documents. Going paperless allows you to keep documents for accounting and operations, making it safer and easier to access than ever before.

Going paperless means no more lost paperwork, your documents are now safer from theft, and it’s easier to index content. Indexing content through construction software makes it simple to find documents in less time. You could search for a specific document and pull it up in seconds rather than spending time digging around in a file folder or box.

Plus, it’s easy to scan and upload documents with the right software. This makes it a breeze to keep track of operations and also keeps you and the entire workforce on track.

2. Not Easy To Submit A Change Order Request  

Contractors and subcontractors should be very familiar with a change order request. A change order is a request for changes or modifications to the original project. These are amendments to the original contract.

Reasons for issuing a change order could be that there is a need for additional work, an error or omission in the original contract, or the original construction drawing just wasn’t clear enough. Change orders are a big part of the construction process and will likely happen at some point, but not making it easy to submit them is one mistake many in the construction industry make.

Plus, forgetting to submit a change order can result in payment issues and discrepancies.

Change orders involve a lot of communication, as well as a great deal of management, understanding, and preparation. Having the right change order template can help streamline the process and save time. Plus, templates can cut back on simple errors.

3. No Integrated Software  

There’s no doubt that having an integrated system makes the entire process easier and more efficient. The right software can help integrate the entire construction job, from project planning to completion.

What are some ways that software can connect everyone on the team and make sure they are performing the way they should?

If there are any changes in the field or from the customer, you’ll see it immediately with updates and notifications. You can link budgets to contracts, see profits, manage and view fees, and much more.

If you’re managing multiple projects, contractor software allows you to keep an eye on all the details as well as the overall performance of your workforce. Using Acumatica, even with a mobile device, it’s easy to view reports, review invoices, and more.

The right contractor software allows you to keep track of any revisions or changes to the project.

4. Not Using Project Templates For Quality Control  

Many errors and dangers could be avoided with the right quality control in place. For instance, are your workers making the same mistakes over and over?

Using project templates can help enforce quality control by eliminating human error. With doing things the old-fashioned way, there’s always a chance of making a mistake. Construction management software helps automate the entire process, reducing the risk of errors.

Plus, construction software provides templates that help with quality control. Using a defined template can outline processes, protocols, standards, and codes for training. This standardizes the entire process and reduces the chances of any violations.

The template can include the names and roles of everyone involved in the project or provide an outline that chart workers can follow when they encounter an obstacle or issue.

As a result, training becomes much easier, workers have a guide to follow, and this can help increase workplace safety. This also increases the chance a project will pass any health and safety inspections.

5. Documenting Mistakes The Traditional Way  

Digital project management software makes it much easier to document any mistakes that occur on the job site. If it’s the fault of one of your workers, you need to check their performance and ensure they’re following safety and quality protocols. If they’re not meeting expectations, you’ll need to address that with them.

Additionally, using software helps construction companies address any issues with vendor materials. If the materials used aren’t meeting quality standards, you’ll need to document the proof. Construction software lets you document all details and upload photos, making it easier to report mistakes and correct them.

Documenting mistakes the traditional way, through paperwork, is far less efficient. Plus, there is always the possibility those notes or papers could get lost or destroyed, causing costly delays and forcing the project to a halt.

Making Construction Projects Safer  

It’s easy to make your job site safer if you avoid these risk factors. With the right integration of construction software for your company, all your future projects can benefit.

Whether you currently have an ERP system and it’s not working for you, or you’ve never made the switch, you can avoid these mistakes by upgrading to the right cloud ERP solution.

Acumatica Construction Edition provides you with everything you need to keep track of projects, stimulate growth, and simplify expenses. Request a demo or get started today!